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We match businesses with training & grants to increase profitability & sustainability.

"Your success is our success."

We are committed to providing your business with every possible advantage to thrive!

Our team provides your business with the experience and expertise you need, available at your fingertips.

With many options - from individual courses to full certificate programs and from one on one coaching to mastermind groups we've got you covered.

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Get To Know The Experts

Meet the team that is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Each of us brings a different skill set, from finance to creative and non-profits to big business. Together, we offer unmatched expertise in every aspect of the business.

Wayne UnRuh, Co-Founder & CEO of BWise

Wayne UnRuhBEST CompanyCo-Founder & CEO

Jenna Raimbault - Co-Founder & VP

Jenna RaimbaultBe Wise AcademyCo-Founder & VP

Jennifer Uy Program Manager

Nicole GerhardtGerhardt StudiosInstructor


To build practical and accessible business training programs that provide business owners and their teams with the knowledge and resources to increase the profitability and sustainability of their businesses.


We help build strong businesses so that they can help build strong communities which will lead to a stronger economy.


We are committed to:
Learn ContinuouslyEmbody IntegrityProvide ValueWork Together

We Exist to Help Build

The Be Wise Learning Experience

Inclusive Business Learning: Programs For Any Kind Of Learner.


Visual Learners

Our expert instructors engage visual learners through videos, demonstrations, and workshops to keep things engaging while still sharing valuable information and tips so you can make the most of your learning experience.


Kinesthetic Learners

Our courses will give you opportunities to try out what you're learning with hands-on application and tactile experiences for those more in touch with reality and more connected to it.

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Reading & Writing Learners

Each course provides you with written discussion boards, workbooks, print materials, and more; all visual organized and designed to help individuals with the reading/writing learning type succeed.


Auditory Learners

 Knowledge is constructed through interaction with others; through sharing and discussing with qualified teaching leads and other business owners, we help these learners gain perspective, develop skills, and continue to grow.