In the midst of a pandemic we find ourselves all transitioning to video and zoom meetings. "Social distancing" and "self isolation" are the new normal it would seem so right now many businesses need to transition to virtual selling in order to maintain operations during COVID-19.

We have seen that online companies have been doing better than ever because the reality is consumers still need to buy people still need things and services. Virtual selling an online marketing has now infiltrated the globe in every industry.

Creating a personal experience for the customer with each transaction is already the new marketing goal, now we need to execute these personal transactions virtually to remain competitive and it is working. Many real estate agents are continuing to increase their sales and profits simply by taking advantage of virtual selling and digital marketing.

This is a whole new world of uncharted territory to many business professionals who didn't previously take advantage of digital marketing and virtual selling but its an exciting and progressive new tactics.

Here are some strategies to continue Virtual Selling during Physical Distancing:

  1. Increase communication with clients, demonstrate that their customer service doesn't end when the sale does.
  2. Post and share virtual tours and videos to engage with clients and message potential clients directly for a personal connection.
  3.  Don't underestimate the strength of impact that testimonials and reviews have, they are the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing.
  4. Schedule calls and video chat appointments with existing leads, be reliable and true to your word. 
  5. Be prompt with setting up video calls & chats with potential clients and leads.
  6. Connect with past customers & clients, and queue social content to maintain social bonds and engagement.
  7. Prioritize some time to get your paperwork and bookkeeping up to date and digitize what you can to increase efficiency.

Maintaining a guide is integral to operating a successful business so we highly recommend dividing your time in the day by tasks, setting up specific time slots in your daily planner or digital calendar for work. This will help prioritize tasks by importance and urgency.

Video messaging like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime are just the beginning so if you haven't adapted to these new normal, you need to. Videos are a great format not only for sales and communications but also for marketing, you can shoot and record your products and services. Videos are impactful in impressions and engagement, building social connection with audiences and also the amount of time audiences spend on your website which is important for search engines. Just because you are social distancing, and physical distancing doesn't mean we can't still offer our customers and clients an engaging experience during this time of virtual consumerism.

If you want to refine your virtual selling and marketing strategy, we can help you create a plan that will work for your business.